May 22, 2024

China is a global economic powerhouse and many companies around the world seek to expand into the Chinese market. But, together with all these, doing business in PRC can present unique challenges, including communication barriers. One solution to these communication barriers is to use a virtual phone number.

Chinese virtual phone numbers (VNs) allow companies to establish a virtual presence in the above-mentioned country without the need to have a physical office or location in the country. This is especially important for organizations that want to check the Chinese market before investing in a physical location.


One benefit of using a VN is that Chinese clients are willing to trust and cooperate with companies that have a domestic number, as it demonstrates a commitment to serving the local market. Organizations can choose a local area code that matches their target market and give the impression of being a local business.

Another benefit of using a VN in China is that it provides a cost-effective solution for international communication. Traditional phone lines can be expensive, and international calls can add up quickly. A virtual number brings businesses the possibility to make and receive calls using VoIP technology, which is often much cheaper than traditional phone lines.

VNs also offer features that can improve communication and customer service. For example, businesses can set up call forwarding so that calls to their virtual phone number are automatically routed to their main office or mobile phone. This ensures that important calls are never missed, even if the business is not physically located in China.

In conclusion, using a VN is a smart way for businesses to spread their influence in China. Thus, businesses can build confidence with Chinese consumers and improve their communication and customer service. Additionally, virtual phone numbers offer a cost-effective solution for international communication, which is especially important for businesses that are just starting to test the Chinese market.

Communication peculiarities with Chinese clients by phone

When communicating with Chinese clients by phone, it is important to keep in mind certain cultural and language differences. Here are some peculiarities to consider:

  • The tone of voice is very important in Chinese culture. Speaking politely and respectfully is crucial, as a harsh or demanding tone can be interpreted as rude or aggressive.
  • It is common to greet someone using their title or honorific, followed by their surname. For example, “Manager Zhang” or “CEO Li”. Using the appropriate title and greeting can show respect and establish a positive tone for the conversation.
  • Building rapport is important in Chinese culture and small talk is a common way to establish a connection with someone. Asking about their health, family, or hobbies can help to establish a positive relationship before moving on to business matters.
  • Directness is not always appreciated. It is important to communicate clearly but also to be mindful of the tone and manner in which information is conveyed. Being too direct or blunt can be perceived as confrontational or rude.
  • While many Chinese people speak English, it is still important to remember that English may not be their first language. Speaking clearly and avoiding idioms or slang can help to ensure that the message is communicated effectively.
  • China has a large time difference from many other countries, so it is important to be mindful of the time when scheduling calls. Being respectful of the client’s time can help to establish a positive relationship.
  • It is essential to follow up with an email or message summarizing the key points discussed after a call. This can help to avoid misunderstandings and demonstrate professionalism.

Businesses can build trust and establish successful partnerships with Chinese clients by establishing positive relationships and communicating effectively. Be respectful, clear, and mindful of cultural differences when using VN for business conversation.