June 25, 2024

Is your closet in chaos? The drawer is overflowing and jeans, blouses, and socks are flying wild. It is difficult to bring order but with the following tips, you will have much fun as when using free spins code.  


Tidying up tip 1: It’s easier in small stages

Is your closet a mess right now? If so, the plan to finally tidy it up can feel like a huge task that can quickly overwhelm you. Cleaning out an entire closet in one day overwhelms most people. It’s worth setting aside some time for the tidying project. And when you’re standing in front of your super-sorted closet at the end, you’ll know that it was worth the effort. Divide your project into individual steps and, for example, devote one day only to the pants, another to the sweaters and so on.

Tidying Tip 2: Prepare the closet project

Tidying up your closet will be easier if you think about it in advance: Which items do you want to keep? What do you want to buy new? This could be hangers with a velvety surface to prevent silk blouses from slipping off, special hangers with a bar for pants, hangers with clips for skirts and, of course, boxes for storing small items or drawer elements for socks and jewelry. It is also important to have a large mirror for trying on clothes and a few bags for clothes that are being sorted out.

You can combine tidying right away with cleaning out clothes that no longer fit or appeal to you. The point is, don’t put anything back in the closet that you probably won’t wear in the near future anyway. If you want help cleaning out your closet, invite a friend over and decide together which items will stay and which will have to go.

Clean-up tip 3: Clean out generously

Before you start cleaning out indiscriminately, think about what constitutes a well-sorted wardrobe for you. Basically, it makes sense to own more simple basics and classics and rather few fancy and patterned pieces. If your tops outnumber your pants and skirts, it will be easier for you to put together many combos. Take every piece of clothing in your closet and test it in front of the mirror to see if you feel comfortable with it and if it can be combined with your other clothes. If so, it can stay, otherwise it goes into the old clothes bag or the flea market box.

You can also be critical of basics like white T-shirts or blue jeans. If they are out of date or washed out, they can go. Write these clothes down on your shopping list for the next shopping trip. This will remind you to only buy what’s really missing from your closet. We’ve got even more great tips for cleaning out your closet here: How to tidy up! Interior expert Jelena Weber also tells us how she keeps her home tidy and cleans out clutter without stress.

Tidying-up tip 4: Cleaning compartments and drawers

Once individual compartments or drawers have been cleared, clean them of dust or dirt before putting your clothes back away. Take a damp cloth and some cleaning agent and wipe out all the compartments and also the doors from the inside and outside. We reveal how you can avoid dust in our household hacks.

Tidying up tip 5: Put clothes away systematically

Before putting away your clothes, divide them into groups, i.e. all T-shirts together, all sweaters, all jeans, all scarves, all socks and so on. If you want, you can also sort the items within a category by color. This gives you even more overview. Fold everything that is put neatly.

Basically, what you often and gladly wear should be easily accessible in the closet. Parts that are not used so often, you can store further up or behind the frequently worn pieces.

T-shirts and sweaters should be folded so they don’t wear out. Jeans can also be folded and placed on shelves. Dresses, skirts, pants and blouses should be hung on hangers to prevent them from creasing. Important: Only hang one item at a time on a hanger. Don’t start hanging several pieces of clothing on one hanger. Anything you don’t see at first glance, you’ll forget and hardly ever wear. Socks and underwear can either be stored in drawers or put in individual boxes and placed on one of the closet shelves. Depending on the season, you can put thick winter sweaters or shorts and summer dresses in storage boxes and put them away. Then they won’t take up space in the closet and your closet will look more organized.