July 12, 2024
Nextbox setup

Nextbox setup

If Google has redirected you to this post, it means that your Nextbox WiFi extender is giving you an unbearable pain in your head. Is that correct? OMG! What’s this? your Nextbox WiFi extender keeps rebooting? Did you nod in yes? If so, know that we have got you covered! Sometimes, improper or partial Nextbox setup can become the reason for this pain. Thus, rather than banging your head against the wall, walk through this piece of writing.

Here, you will find some effective hacks through which you can easily get rid of “Nextbox WiFi extender keeps rebooting” issue in blink of an eye. So, without further discussions, let’s start over!

Fixed: Nextbox Extender Keeps Rebooting

Prevent Overheating

One of the common yet major reasons behind getting “Nextbox WiFi extender keeps rebooting” issue is overheating. Yes, you read it absolutely right! It seems like your Nextbox WiFi extender is accumulated with junk files and loads of unwanted traffic. Need not to worry! We can help you get rid of the issue at hand. Here’s what to do:

  • Change the WiFi password of your Nextbox extender.
  • Once you are done, reboot or restart the extender by simply unplugging it from the power outlet, waiting for few minutes, and then, plugging it back in again.

So, are you done applying this fix? If yes, check whether “Nextbox WiFi extender keeps rebooting” issue is resolved or not. In case your answer is no, don’t delay more to try the next hack highlighted below.

Check the Connection

Have you connected your Nextbox WiFi extender and router using an Ethernet cable? If yes, please do a favor. Check the Ethernet cable connecting your Nextbox WiFi extender and router. Is the connection successfully made? Hope the connection is not loose. Apart from this, please check the Ethernet cable as well. Make sure that the cable isn’t worn out or damaged, ok?

And, if you have connected the Nextbox extender and router wirelessly, ensure that you are not connected to the incorrect network. To ensure the same, log in to your Nextbox WiFi extender using valid login credentials. Refer to Nextbox WiFi extender manual for complete information and instructions regarding the login process.

Update Nextbox WiFi Extender Firmware

Another reason why you are getting “Nextbox WiFi extender keeps rebooting” issue is an outdated firmware version on it. Therefore, make sure that your Nextbox WiFi extender is updated to the latest firmware version. If you are wondering how to update the Nextbox WiFi extender firmware, then you can see its manual. Yes! In Nextbox WiFi extender manual, you can get the complete firmware update instructions as well.

Pro Tip: Perform the firmware update process keeping the Nextbox WiFi extender model in mind. Keep in mind two important things:

  • Firmware update instructions/ process varies upon Nextbox extender’s model to model
  • Performance or well working of the extender depends upon the firmware update process.

Still the Same?

Just Relocate the Extender

Next hack that you have to apply in order to troubleshoot “Nextbox WiFi extender keeps rebooting” issue is to change the placement of your device (the extender) right away. Make sure that you have placed the extender at its ideal location. If not, then do it now.

Keep in mind, the placement of your Nextbox WiFi extender plays the most important role when it comes to its proper functioning and smooth performing. Thus, make sure to place your Nextbox WiFi extender at the center-most area in your home, closer to your host router. But, keep in mind, avoid placing your Nextbox WiFi extender near to windows, thick walls, and doors.

Reset Nextbox WiFi Extender

If your Nextbox WiFi extender is not configured in a proper way, then also you may get “Nextbox WiFi extender keeps rebooting” issue. For fixing the improper Nextbox WiFi extender setup issue, we suggest our users to reset it back to factory default values.

And, once the extender gets reset in a successful manner, reconfigure it from the scratch. Wondering how to set up Nextbox WiFi extender? Wonder no more! We will provide you the easiest method to perform Nextbox WiFi extender setup. Just press the WPS button on your Nextbox extender and then apply the same process on your router.

Thus, your Nextbox WiFi extender gets configured. Now, see if “Nextbox WiFi extender keeps rebooting” issue is fixed.

To Conclude

So, that was all about our troubleshooting guide about how to fix “Nextbox WiFi extender keeps rebooting” issue. We hope that the fixes provided here were helpful.