April 18, 2024
Rockspace WiFi extender

As a Rockspace range extender user, you must be aware that it is normal to have some issues with this device. Just like any other technical device, a Rockspace WiFi extender is also vulnerable to certain troubles. This guide will help you to get aware of some common issues with a Rockspace extender. You will also find ways to fix these issues. Are you ready to know more about it? Keep on reading further.

Common Issues With Rockspace Extender With Solutions:

After buying a range extender, the first thing that needs to be done is to set it up with the home network. That is connecting to the existing router’s network. At times, the setup process can cause trouble. Let us get to know more about Rockspace extender setup issues and troubleshoot them.

  1. Re.rockspace.local Not Working

This is the web address that you use to get the setup process of the Rockspace WiFi range extender. Sometimes it causes trouble and users can not access this web address. To fix the issues with it, do this:

  • Verify the correct web address and enter it into the URL bar of the browser without any spelling mistakes. The correct web address is www.re.rockspace.local
  • Make sure you are typing the web address in the address bar and not the search bar as this may at times navigate you to some anonymous webpage.
  1. Internet Connectivity Issues

While setting up the Rockpspace range extender, it is essential to be connected to a stable internet signal. Having a shaky internet signal will prevent you from getting the Rockspace setup process done. To troubleshoot, follow these steps:

  • Ensure placing the extender within the range of the router while setting it up.
  • It is recommended to establish a wired connection between the host router and the extender, as a wired connection is much more reliable than a wireless connection.
  • Check the Ethernet cable that it should be free of faults.
  • The Ethernet cable should be inserted tightly into both devices.
  • Verify any issues with the internet from the ISP end.
  1. Poor Internet Signal

The whole purpose of investing in a Rockspace range extender is to expand the existing internet signal to reach every nook and corner of the home. But what is the point of a range extender if the signal coverage is still poor? There could be various factors that come into the picture to ensure a high-speed and reliable internet connection from Rockspace range extender. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Distance Between the Devices

As you move away from the WiFi host device, the network strength reduces. Thus, apart from bringing the Rockspace range extender closer to the host router, make sure that the accessing devices are also within the range of the extender network.

  • Signal Interference

Avoid placing the Rockspace range extender away from devices or appliances that radiate radio waves. These radio waves can interfere with the internet signal.

  • Signal Obstruction

Certain building materials like cement walls, timber walls, heavy mirrors and reflexive surfaces, etc. can obstruct or totally block the internet signal. Thus make sure that these do not fall somewhere in the router to extender signal passage.

  • Extender Placement

Do not place your Rockspace range extender in an enclosed area like attics, basements, behind cupboard or furniture. Also, avoid placing it in a corner instead; choose a higher location to place the device.

  1. Firmware Related Issues

If you do not get your Rockspace wireless range extender firmware upgraded from time to time, then you may experience certain issues with it. To have your Rockspace extender giving out high performance, it is to be ensured that it is running on the latest firmware all the time. This adds new features to the device thereby making it competitive with the latest technology. Having firmware updates also enhances security. Furthermore, the overall performance gets enhanced with just a simply firmware update.


Here we conclude out write-up about some common issues with the Rockspace WiFi range extender and how to resolve them. This guide is very helpful if you have a Rockspace WiFi extender setup done at home.