May 22, 2024
Top 5 Hospitals for hip replacement in India

Top 5 Hospitals for hip replacement in India

What is a hip replacement? Hip replacement, also known as hip arthroplasty, is a surgery executed primarily to lessen hip pain and immobility caused by hip arthritis. Hip replacements can help eliminate discomfort and patient mobility. That removes broken bone, and cartilage substitutes it with prosthetic parts.

Thousands of international patients travel to India for hip replacement treatment, because hip replacement surgery cost in India is too affordable with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology. Here are some top five hospitals for hip replacement in India:

Fortis Memorial Research Institute:

Fortis Memorial Research Institute is amongst India’s most promising hip replacement hospitals offering a comprehensive range of benefits for different hip conditions. It is located in Gurgaon, India. The quaternary care infirmary has an international-standard infrastructure and is provided with the latest medical supplies to ensure that the patients obtain top-class medical care. The Fortis Bone and Joint Institute is a high-tech structure committed to orthopedic care, has the most advanced technologies, and also offers affordable hip replacement surgery. The Centre has a committee of a highly qualified and experienced team of orthopedic doctors that provide the best quality and steadfast treatment for hip replacement.

It encloses one of the best orthopedic surgeons in India, Dr.Subhash Jangid, who is internationally recognized for achieving numerous hip and knee replacement surgeries with an increased success rate. The team is reinforced by other talented specialists such as rheumatologists, anesthesiologists, rehabilitation specialist physiotherapists, and many others with expertise in all the latest diagnostic, orthopedic subspecialties, and therapeutic technologies. The services provided by the hospital include, but are not restricted to, complete hip replacement, minimally invasive procedures, revision joint surgery, anterior hip replacement surgery, and many more.

BLK Super Speciality Hospital:

BLK Hospital is one of India’s finest hip replacement hospitals that brags high success rates for its joint replacements and other orthopedic techniques. It is located in New Delhi. The technical department for Joint Replacement and Orthopedics offers comprehensive care with adequate postoperative and rehabilitative services to patients who have hip arthritis or other disorders leading to the necessity for a hip replacement. The Centre has an empanelment of talented orthopedic surgeons and other professionals skilled in utilizing the latest technologies and facilities to execute complex functions such as Total Knee Replacement Surgery with outstanding results.

The crew at BLK also has expertise in Revision Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries utilizing unique implants and frozen bone grafts. The hospital has a Computer-Aided Navigation method for Joint replacement surgery that helps surgeons to perform a pain-free Hip Replacement and is especially beneficial for people with painful joint deformities. BLK hospital has cutting-edge diagnostic facilities that aid in accurately diagnosing the patient’s illness and determining whether they are eligible for a hip replacement.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals:

Indraprastha Apollo is a prototype healthcare service provider and one of India’s leading hospitals to propose hip replacement surgery. It is located in New Delhi. A broad scope of services is obtainable at Apollo for the management of hip issues, including techniques such as Minimally Meddling hip surgery, Whole Hip replacement, Bilateral and Revision Hip Replacements, and many others. Apollo Institutes of Orthopaedics is credited for presenting the rebellious Hip Arthroscopy, an invasive procedure, for the only time in India.

The hospital provides high-quality treatment for various hip conditions. It is praised for pioneering advanced techniques such as the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing system in India, which has a success rate of 99% and has been confirmed to be highly helpful for younger patients with arthritis. Another method that is obtainable at Apollo is Proxima Hip Replacement. It is an immaculate procedure for relatively young patients. The multispecialty unit of doctors at the hospital is favorably competent and qualified by top national and international medical organizations.

Apollo Hospital:

Apollo Hospital Chennai is one of the best hospitals of the top healthcare chain Apollo Group of hospitals. It is one of the finest hospitals in Chennai to provide hip replacement with incredible success rates. Apollo Hospital is a world-class hospital known for its clinical distinction on a global ranking and has delivered treatment to local and international patients from over 120 countries. The hospital sets uncompromised measures to ensure patients acquire personalized care and dedicated treatment from in-house medical professionals. With over 30 years of experience in healthcare assistance, Apollo Hospitals is fully determined to deliver excellent services and facilities at a reasonable price.

The Apollo Institutes of Orthopaedics is famous for being the first and foremost in India to provide Hip replacement surgeries. The hospital is praised for successfully functioning the World’s 1st iPod Navigation Hip Resurfacing Surgery. Apollo Hospitals Chennai also carries the recognition for utilizing Resorbable screws for the first time in India to fix a congenital spine trouble in a six-year-old child from Tanzania. The orthopedics specialists at Apollo are among the leading doctors in India and are experienced and qualified in managing different kinds of joint problems. The Apollo crew includes some of Chennai’s best hip replacement doctors with vast experience conducting other joint replacement surgeries.

Artemis Hospital:

Artemis Hospital is the first JCI & NABH accredited quaternary care hospital providing one of the best hip replacement surgeries in Gurgaon, India. The Orthopedic Centre and Joint Replacement at Artemis is a center of superiority for offering holistic care for various bone and musculoskeletal conditions. It is a stop solution for thorough orthopedic care. The center includes avant-garde diagnostic equipment such as a laboratory, 64-slice CT scan, MRI, and well-established Physical Therapy units. The hospital presents top-quality treatment for hip resurfacing, hip replacement, and other complex orthopedic techniques with success rates at par with the adequate orthopedic facilities in the World.

The crew of orthopedic and other specialists at Artemis Joint Replacement and Orthopedic Centre includes highly encountered hip surgeons, like Dr. B K Singh, Dr. IPS Oberoi, and many others. Artemis is one of the best hospitals in India for multinational patients. The International Patients Department at Artemis Hospital strives to provide impeccable assistance and service to overseas patients. Patients are administered by the International Patient coordinator, who serves as a single point of contact before, during, and after the patient’s visit. Also, the hospital has a Medical Interpreter Service for global patients. All the translators provide authentic and vast information concerning the treatment details. 

Final thoughts:

Enjoying life is crucial, and the pain in your hip can restrict your capability to partake in the day-to-day activities you love. A hip replacement will let you experience everyday activities without limitations on your mobility. With the power to participate in activities, you will regain your liberty and return to relishing life.