June 25, 2024
5 Honeymoon Destinations

The ultimate vacation, a honeymoon is a mixture of celebration, relief, and anticipation, as two young people plot their new life together. Luxury is an important aspect of a honeymoon and in our list of top locations, the best accommodation is recommended.

Here is a list of the top honeymoon destinations in 2024.

  1. The Maldives – It should be no surprise to learn that the Maldives luxury resort specifically for honeymooners is at the top of our list. What’s not to like about a private pool villa that sits over the Indian Ocean? If you are planning a Christmas wedding, you should be looking at villas and make a booking while they are still available. The resort has honeymoon villas that have the best views, with all the privacy you need at a special time in your life.
  2. Phuket, Thailand – No list would be complete without the tropical paradise island of Phuket; enjoy a luxurious few weeks overlooking the Andaman Sea in your poolside villa. Phuket has amazing nightlife, so you can both dance the night away; charter a small yacht for a couple of days, and explore the many small limestone islands, including Ko Phi Phi and the James Bond Island. There are many beautiful Buddhist temples in this region of Thailand, which you can tour with a group.
  3. Hoi An, Vietnam – This unique city sits in a tropical paradise bay and a honeymoon suite at one of the top resorts would be on most people’s list. The old town has long been a busy trading port and in 1999, the old town was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The beaches are among the best on the planet, you and your partner can walk the beach at sunset without a care in the world, as you celebrate your union. Click here for tips for solo camping.
  4. Martinique, West Indies – This under-developed Caribbean Island is home to some 5-star honeymoon resorts; aside from a growing tourism sector, Martinique grows bananas, sugar cane and makes some of the best rum in the world. Agriculture is the mainstay of the local economy, while tourism is in its infancy.
  5. Bali, Indonesia – Bali has long been a holiday favourite for Australians, yet in the past few years, Europeans have discovered the beauty and charm of Bali. The southern part of the island is the best place for a honeymoon, with Kuta, a vibrant town on the coast and Seminyak is another popular resort destination. The nightlife is something else, with discos and nightclubs that rock into the early hours and you can enjoy breakfast before heading to sleep.

So, there you have it, the top 5 list of honeymoon destinations and should you decide on the Maldives or the tropical paradise island of Phuket, make sure to book soon, as time waits for no man.