May 22, 2024

MAGCH is a type of tab used in the SAP system. It is a table that stores the material classification data for materials in the system. Material classification data is used in the system to control and monitor the materials used in the production process. This table is used to store the material class, material type, and other characteristics of each material.

It’s a new sort of tablet that is quickly gaining popularity. This Tablet stands out from its rivals since it utilizes an operating system called Android. Android tablet users have a lot of customization options because it is an open-source platform. Due to its built-in camera and microphone, MAGCH makes it simple to take photos and videos.

There is a new tablet on the market that could completely change how people interact with computers. MAGCH’s revolutionary design allows it to perform as a laptop computer in addition to its typical tablet functions. It already has a keyboard, which is a major bonus. In other words, you can stop bringing the large external keyboard on your travels.

Details of the MAGCH tablet

Operating SystemAndroid 11
Hardware PlatformAndroid
Display Screen10.1-inch 1080P 1920 x 1200 IPS FHD
Display Size10 Inches
Max Screen Resolution1920 x 1080
ProcessorUp to 1.8GHz of Octa-Core Processor
Camera13MP+8MP  Rear camera, Front Camera
Connector TypeType C
Wireless TypeWiFi Dual Band 2.4G + 5GHz
Rear Webcam Resolution13 MP
Flash Memory Size64 GB, expandable up to 256 GB
Dual SpeakersYes
Processor Count8
Voice ControlYes
Dimensions9.3 x 6.2 x 0.35 inches
Item Weight2 pounds

Processor with High Performance

Due to its high performance (octa-core, 1.8 GHz CPU), MAGCH is well-liked by customers. In order to address these issues, MAGCH has a built-in 64 GB hard drive and 4GB RAM. Slow devices and little memory make working or playing games less enjoyable.

Due to the fact that you may store your favorite images and other business materials on this tablet, you no longer need to look for an extra memory card. Another way to keep your files forever on your MAGCH device is to install Google Drive or Photo. Once the applications are installed, be careful to sign in using your email address and password to protect the data.

The MAGCH M101’s software is incredibly rapid, which increases efficiency. You won’t be distracted when watching movies or playing video games. For a viewing experience in ultra-high resolution, you can transition between applications.

Tips for beginners to buy MAGCH Tablet

Before placing an order for a MAGCH Tablet, some information is required. Some fundamental guidelines are as follows:

Before purchasing a tablet, do some research and read some customer reviews. You can tell if a product will satisfy your needs by reading consumer reviews.

Asking yourself why you want a tablet is the first step. Whether you’re buying a device for work or play, it’s important to assess your needs.

Only purchase the first tablet you see; compare prices to obtain the greatest offer. You might be able to find a better deal elsewhere.

Ask a tablet expert any questions you may have regarding the device or the purchasing process without being afraid to do so.

What benefits does MAGCH provide over the iPad that make it a great purchase?

Its tablet differs from Apple’s iPad in a number of ways. The bigger screen is perfect for viewing movies and video games in all of its original, full-screen splendor. Additionally, you can access the internet via its Wi-Fi. The built-in USB port on MAGCH allows for charging and syncing using a computer’s USB port.

In terms of price, MAGCH prevails once more. You can purchase a MAGCH tablet for $199, which is considerably less than the $499 cost of an Apple iPad. You won’t have to give up your car or get a second mortgage to pay for one as a result.

MAGCH has features that Apple lacks. It is less expensive, has a larger screen, and has a USB connector that serves an additional purpose.


MAGCH is a great option if you’re looking for a cheap yet dependable Android tablet. To top it all off, MAGCH is user-friendly and offers reliable performance and useful features. If you want an inexpensive tablet that won’t let you down, this is a good choice. MAGCH is the best choice if you require an affordable, dependable communication method. The Tablet boasts excellent features and sturdy construction. Despite the fact that the battery life may be improved, it offers excellent value for the money.